Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bush, Condi & Papa on the outs over Israel... Is it time for her Ferragamo boots to start walking?

As we hear that Israel is pushing even further into Lebanon, telling all of the 1000s of trapped Lebanese civilians that if they are caught out on the roads past the curfew that Israel has set, that they will be shot on sight (but I guess when all of those bombs are already falling around them, that alone is incentive to make them hide terrified in their homes, anyway huh?) we have Lebanese PM Siniora begging and pleading in an op/ed in the Wash Post for Israel to please stop kindly killing off 100s of innocents, and while they're at it, could they also please obey intnatl laws? And what is the WH doing? Keeping the killing fires perfectly well stoked. And the fact that Condi feels like her husband.. err... boss Bush has pulled the rug out from under her on this "let's keep stoking the killing fires" is amazing enough, but this bit of the insane story just slays me: Bush still refuses to heed his own daddy's advice. When in the hell does Bush Jr ever listen to his older, wiser, and clearly less crazy daddy? Never. Papa Bush knew what would have happened if he would have toppled Saddam and occupied Iraq back in the Gulf War: A bloody occupation and civil war. Did Jr listen? Nope. On the issue of the Israeli/Hezbollah war, has Jr listened to his pops? Nope. Jr instead has decided to side w/his good buddies The Big Dick Cheney, Donald Rumm-Dumb and Natl Security Advisor Stephen Hadley, and has pretty much told Condi, Brent Scrowcroft, and his own Papa Bush to get bent. It must really, really, really piss off the clearly far more intelligent Condi to be publicly blown off like this... especially since it was Papa Bush who asked her to teach his dumbass son everything he needed to know so he could pass as only semi-stupid.
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