Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Why I Want Ned Lamont to Win CT Primary

Georgia 10 at DailyKos so perfectly sums up why so many of us Dems want Ned Lamont to kick Joe Lieberman's ass in the CT primary. To all who want to say this is about the war only: IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT THE WAR, STUPID. It is merely a piece of the rotten pie Joe-Judas has been serving up to us Dems for a long time... and frankly, we're tired of being forced to eat it. Here's the bits about Joe-Judas I simply can't stomach & refuse to forgive: 1) Women's Reproductive Rts: Joe-Judas says victims of rape can just get over their brutal assualt and hop on over to another nearby hospital if the one they are taken to doesn't like giving the victim emergency contraceptives to prevent a clearly unwanted pregnancy. Compassionate, no? 2) Terri Schiavo: Joe-Judas thought fedrl intervention into that incredibly personal and private issue was A-okay, thus aligning himself on that issue w/ the Religious Fright. That is an unholy alliance if I ever heard of it. 3) The KISS: At the '05 State of the Union Adress, Joe-Judas puckered up and let Bush plant a big wet one on him (and as Stephen Colbert quipped, "Evidently, low approval ratings can be contracted through saliva.") It was more like Michael Corleone planting a big wet kiss of death on his back stabbing bro Fredo, if ya ask me. 4) "Rocket-Man" for Bush: At the '06 State of the Union Address, as Bush spins his Iraq message, Joe-Judas jumps out of his seat faster than anyone else in the place including all of the Repukes. Makes ya wonder if he had a M-80 stuffed up his ass or just felt the need to gush all over his beloved Master. 5) Joe-Judas is simply Bush-lite and incredibly selfish: During the 2000 FL recount, he made a pt to agree that military absentee ballots were likely to be Repuke. WTF? During thr 2000 prez campaign, selfish Joe-Judas ran for Senator AND Vice Prez, which would have set the Dems up to lose the majority of seats. But since Bush was selected NOT elected, we know the rest of the story. On Iraq, Newsweek sums it up wonderfully: "On Iraq, he buys the GOP argument that equates criticism of the commander in chief w/ hurting the troops, which means no real oversight. (Has he forgotten the Truman Committee during WWII?) The duty of the opposition is to oppose." I guess Joe-Judas slept thru that history lesson. When it comes to Joe-Judas' promise to run as an independent if he loses the primary, it might complicate Dem efforts to take 2 or 3 House seats in his state from vulnerable GOP incumbents. But does he care? Nope. It's all about him, baby. This article by Colin McEnroe of NE Mag nails it: Bloggers have noticed that Lamont strongly resembles the Cat in the Hat. A cat would never lick the faces of the disciplinarians. The Lieberman, by contrast, has been a Lieberador retriever, bounding across the greensward to let Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Hannity scratch him behind the ears and to return the favor with big sloppy kisses for Rice, Alberto Gonzalez and Bush himself." Uh-huh, and we Dems are sick of it. Last wk's poll gave Lamont a 13pt lead. Mon's new Quinnipiac poll shows Lamont leading Lieberman, 51% to 45%. Could Lamont lose? Sure. But even if he doesn't, not only is CT losing, but the entire Dem party is, too b/c Joe-Judas will just pout, stomp his feet and act like a 2 yr old and go run as an Independent. Face it Joe: When freako wingnuts like Hannity, DeLay & Coulter endorse you, we no longer want you. Pick up your ball, stop crying, and go TF home. For God's sake Lieberman... CT is the birthplace of Dubya... isn't that enough, already?
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