Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Drink, golf, rape, kill, rape & kill some more, get rid of evidence, eat wings and be merry!

As our soldiers are trying desperately to stem sectarian bloodshed in Baghdad, and as Iraqis are holding rallies in support of Hezbollah, we learn these vomitous facts about our soldiers accused of raping & killing an Iraqi girl and her family: The soldiers drank whiskey, hit golf balls, dressed in dark clothes, went to the house of the girl, began gang raping her while another soldier shot her mom, dad, and 5 yr old sister in another room, more gang raping took place, then she was shot multiple times, had kerosene from a lamp poured on her, she was set on fire, the soldiers tossed the AK-47 used to shot them in a ditch, their blood soaked clothes were burned, and then they settled down for an evening of BBQ chicken wings. Sounds like an evening of wholesome fun, huh?.... for the Manson Family, maybe. Despite testimony from CID Special Agent Benjamin Bierce, based upon written statements, confessions & polygraphs from the 6 soldiers, I'm sure Rick, the child gang raping defender troll from PA who has chosen to darken my blog w/his sickening and clearly unwanted presence, will still even defend this.
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