Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Joe-Judas: I'm so mad I'm just gonna go eat worms... and then run as an Independent

Lamont wins... poor lil Joe-Judas. Now he can live out his real dream: He can now openly accept all of the gushing GOP support and let his inner Repuke free. Here's what he said after the results were announced: "The old politics of partisan polarization won today. For the sake of our state, our country and my party, I cannot, I will not let this result stand." WTF? Partisan politics? Once again Joe, when things get rough, you blame the people you always blame.... the Dems. For the sake of your state/ country/ party you will not let this result stand? WTF? Oh, if only you had fought this hard when you were the vice prez candidate in 2000, huh? And since when have you given 2 shits about your state? The CT voters felt abandoned by you. You were suddenly too damn "Washington" to give your state's constituents the time of day. The CT voters had their say on what they want for their state, and what they don't want is YOU. Suck it up Joe and be a man. That is especially true when you consider how Mr Soreloser even became a Senator of CT: "Lieberman was first elected to the Senate as a Dem in 1988, by a slim margin of 10,000 votes. He scored the nation's biggest political upset that yr, after being backed by a coalition of Dems and unaffiliated voters w/ support from conservative Repubs, who were disappointed in 3 term GOP incumbent Lowell Weicker's liberal voting record and personal style." So Joe, when you narrowly won and kicked out a long standing 3 term senator is was just A-okay, huh? But the minute the tables are turned, you pout, kick dirt, and say you're just gonna go eat worms. Very mature. Very worthy of a senator. All is not lost, though. If ya decide to be a man of worth and NOT run as an Independent (and some say that will NOT be the wet dream the Repukes think it will be), there is always that Sec of Def gig you could do for your beloved Master in the WH. Although, I guess the only Senator guy who landed a BushCo cabinet postition after coming off an election defeat was John Ashcroft... so, I guess that means you have to go get beaten by a dead guy like Ashcroft did. But ooh-ooh-ooh... here's a great idea: I hear that there just might be an spot open for ya in the House of Reps. TX Repukes are dying for someone to help bail them out there w/a write-in candidate. Sure, going from Senator to Congressman IS a step down, but when you get to sit in the seat of one of your biggest fans-- Tom DeLay-- how bad can it be, right? And rumor has it, Hot Tub Tom knows quite a few lobbyists that he could easily hook your lobbyist wife, Hadassah, up with. And once there, you can finally let your inner Repuke be free.
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