Friday, June 23, 2006

GOP:We don't need no stinking troop withdrawals

Sure more will be killed. But rest assured, none of the dead will be loved ones of the cabal at the White House. So, 5 Deferments Dick lies thru his teeth about having an actual plan in Iraq, and 2... count 'em, 2 Dem proposals to withdraw troops were tossed aside as the Repukes revealed their "strategy." No silly... not in Iraq, but one to fight the Dems (via NYTs): "A sr Bush adviser said the WH had concluded that it was better to plunge aggressively into the debate on Iraq than to let Dems play upon clear, public misgivings about the war. "This is going to be a big issue in this election," said the adviser, who was granted anonymity in exchange for agreeing to describe strategic considerations about the war. "Better to shape and fight it- as good and strongly as you can- than to try to run away from it." Oh, I see. Don't actually come up with a plan to stop the bloodletting, but instead keep spewing out the old and tired mantra of "Dems just want to cut and run." Umm, could someone please tell me WTF is the diference between "standing down as they Iraqis stand up" and cutting & running? And everything uses timelines and benchmarks. For example: When you graduate from high school, you have some goals to reach, or else you will never leave your parents' home, or face them tossing you out. You have to decide if you want to: a) Go to college/ get some kind of training. b) Forget school and get a job. c) Go to school part time and work OR d) Do none of the above, just hole up in mom/ dad's basement, smoke pot, and be a creepy online loser/ stalker. See? Everything has benchmarks and timetables before full independence happens. When will BushCo say that a free and democratic Iraq exists? When we have 1 wk or month or yr free of car bombings, beheadings, police run torture, and zero secular violence? Oh... so I guess we're NEVER leaving, are we?
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