Friday, June 23, 2006

More proof Cheney is a festering colostomy bag

As if we needed more proof of that obvious fact? (via CNN): A Wash Post op-ed piece by William Perry (Clinton's sec of def) and Ashton Carter (Clinton's assistant sec of def) advocates a pre-emptive strike to destroy the N Korean test missile: "The US should immediately make clear its intention to strike and destroy the N Korean missile before it can be launched." Cheney said: "While I appreciate Bill's advice, such an action could worsen the situation. I think, at this stage, we are addressing the issue in the proper fashion ... obviously, if you are going to launch strikes at another nation, you better be prepared to not fire just 1 shot. The fact of the matter is, I think, the issue is being addressed appropriately." Now, I am 100% pro-diplomacy until blue in the face, but the pt here is the complete hypocrisy: In Bush World, pre-emptively taking out a nuclear test missile is NOT appropriate, but pre-emptively invading and now occupying a nation that possessed no WMDs at all (despite what insanity fellow shit-bag Santorum spews) was appropriate? I guess that means there is no bloodmoney for the war profiteers to be made in N Korea, huh? Or maybe the real truth is this: We are up to our hairlines in this bloodletting in Iraq and the Taliban has returned stronger than ever in Afghanistan, so we are so bogged down and battle weary, that we are incapable of being "prepared to not fire just 1 shot," huh? Not being able to defend the US or diplomatically work it out. Wow, how do the Repukes honestly say they are stronger on defense? Oh... key word is HONESTLY.
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