Thursday, June 22, 2006

I Contacted Lou Dobbs. He Listened!

On Monday, I wrote a post called NAFTA Super Highway: Soon to Screw You. Earl's post called Have You Heard about the NAFTA Super Highway? at his Radio Blog was the inspiration for the post b/c I had never heard about this devious Bush/ Vincente Fox/ Paul Martin under the radar assault on the middle class. Well, late Sunday night while preparing my post for Mon, I went to Lou Dobbs' CNN site (I may not always agree w/ what Lou says, but he is always pro-union & pro-mid class) and I contacted him w/ a short synopsis of the NAFTA Super Highway info, links to Earl's blog & to the Kansas City Smart Port site (which will be the hub of anti-union activity and slave labor goods from Mexico & Cntrl America), and I included a question for Lou: Were you aware of this Bush plan, and if so, could you please cover it so more people could learn about it? I then emailed Earl to tell him that I had passed on his post's info and links to Lou. (Ask Earl. He can verify all of this.) Well... Weds night we are all in the kitchen getting dinner ready while Lou is on and he announces this: "Also tonight, the Bush administration is pushing ahead w/ a plan to create a N. American union w/ Canada & Mexico. You haven't heard about that? Well, that's b/c Congress hasn't been consulted, nor the American people. We will have that special report." I couldn't believe it! Lou listened to me. Little 'ol me in podunk Ohio. Read the show's transcript here for the full report by Bill Tucker. And guess what? Lou used this very topic for his nightly poll question: "It brings us to the subject of our poll tonight: Do you think maybe somebody should take a vote if we're going to merge the US with Canada and Mexico, maybe, you know, people like you and me vote? Yes or no." Holy crap! Little 'ol me in podunk Ohio inspired Lou Dobbs' poll question... now I wonder if Lou will give me one of those damn books he always gives to his viewers whose comments are read on the air?
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