Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Al-Masri is NOT Al-Muhajir?

Now I ask you: WTF is going on here? (via CNN): "JAMIE MCINTYRE: Well, the claim made on an Islamist Web site that traditionally broadcasts messages from the insurgency, the claim, is that the replacement for al-Zarqawi, a man named as Abu al-Masri, personally killed these 2 soldiers." BUT... last night on Countdown, Keith mentioned that Richard Clark said that the "terrorist/NYC cynanide claim" was all bogus, and that Clark also said that al-Masri is NOT Al-Qaida's new leader, and Evan Kohlmann of Counter Terrorism Org said this: "Within days of Zarqawi's passing, the Pentagon focused its attention primarily on a little-known Egyptian called Abu al-Masri--who, for most of us, first surfaced in a CENTCOM most wanted list about a yr and a half ago. When Al-Qaida subsequently announced that Zarqawi's actual successor would actually be another unknown named Abu al-Muhajir, the Pentagon revised their earlier statement and Maj Genrl William Caldwell explained to a press conference, "We think that al-Masri is in fact, probably al-Muhajir. They are probably one and the same." Unfortunately, this conclusion has been called into serious doubt by a host of fairly credible sources. Many in the jihadist community that support Al-Qaida are openly scoffing at Caldwell's latest press conference and they have called upon the Al-Qaida-umbrella group the Mujahideen Shura Council (MSC) to issue a new statement and clear up these "lies." Kohlmann also says that w/the deaths of the 2 MIA soldiers, that the media has fallen for the apparant hoax. Ya know what I think? I think the US currently has al-Masri in a glass box w/these words on it: Do Not Open til Bush's Poll Numbers are Circling the Bowl, and then like a thunderbolt on a sunny day *poof* we will be seeing al-Masri's dead and bloated face in a lovely gold framed picture. Why the hell not? Robert Suskind on CNN (hawking his new book) admitted that the CIA determined the bin Laden tape released the weekend before the '04 election helped Bush and that Osama wanted him re-elected.
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