Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cheney still delusional as 2 Troops MIA

Monday, over a 1 yr since he made this statement the 1st time, we have Cheney delusionally reiterating his insane bullshit spew of "the insurgency is in it's last throes", we also tragically have 2 US troops missing (which by the way, Tony Snowjob says is receiving too much media coverage... unlike the really important missing people like say Natalee Holloway or the Buggy Eyed Bride, eh Snowjob?), and we have this horror show from the Times UK: "The Al-Tub al-Adli morgue, whose nondescript appearance belies the horrors w/in, has become synonymous w/ the seemingly unstoppable violence that has turned Baghdad into the most frightening city on earth. Bodies from the nightly slaughter are dumped here each morning. The stench of decaying flesh, mingled w/ disinfectant, hits you at the checkpoint 100 yards away. Each corpse tells a different story about the terrors of Iraq. Some bodies are pocked w/ holes inflicted by torturers w/ power drills. Some show signs of strangulation; others, w/ hands tied behind the back, bear bullet wounds. Many are charred and dismembered. Arriving in a pickup truck, stacked on top of each other like "animal carcassses" are two 12 yr old boys: "Each had a piece of knotted green cloth tied around his neck and I could see they’d been strangled," the doctor said. He also noticed round holes that were slightly inflamed in several parts of their body, a sign that they had been tortured with electric drills before being killed. "Even their eyes had been drilled and only hollow sockets remained," he said." Oh yes, Big Dick. Things just can't get any rosier. If ya don't want to listen to Bill O'Reilly, maybe you could lend Iraqi Ambassador Khalilzad your ear. He already told you on in a cable sent back on May 6th how horrific things are in Iraq, but since when do you listen to Iraqis?
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