Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Iraqis allege new massacre: US denies

Aljazeera: "US warplanes bombed a house and a poultry farm in a village in N.E. Baquba, then dropped soldiers to kill the survivors of the attack. AFP reports that an Iraqi police officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the workers had been sleeping in the fields of the village when the attack occurred." Officially here, the US says it only killed insurgents. But here's the ABC News version of events: "Iraqi police have accused the US military of killing 15 farm workers during a raid near Baquba, north of Baghdad. The US Army says the dead men were all insurgents who had opened fire on soldiers during an operation in the area. The US military says its troops came under small arms fire from a rooftop as they approached a house during a raid. It says soldiers and attack helicopters returned fire, killing 15 insurgents. But Iraqi police and relatives of the dead men say the victims were poultry farm workers who had been sleeping in the fields when US troops attacked." Hmm. What is the truth? Who the hell knows anymore? I want to believe our soldiers, I really do. But when I see them composing songs called "Hadji Girl" and applauding when the Marine sings about pulling the lil sister of "Hadji Girl" in front of him so the lil girl can take the bullets coming at him... it is really hard to know what to believe anymore... and to not feel sickened.
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