Thursday, June 22, 2006

GOP:No to min wage/Yes to Paris Hilton tax cut

The GOP can't for 1 second think of the average American voter: "The Republican-controlled Senate refused Weds to raise the minimum wage, rejecting a proposal from Dems for the 1st increase in nearly a decade. The vote was 52-46, eight short of the 60 needed." (See these fascinating "minimum wage state by state" maps here). But isn't it amazing that "the House Repub leadership scurried up to the Rules Committee hearing rm for an EMERGENCY meeting they convened w/ 5 mins notice? Literally. Wonder where the fire was? Well the topic the GOPers chose for emergency consideration ... H.R. 5638, the Repub Estate Tax Relief bill, to further reduce the estate-tax after the yr 2011. Yes, estate-tax reduction, which would benefit less than 1% of the population."
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