Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Not happy your soldier is dead? Get smeared

Well... we knew it would it happen. The uncle of Pvt Menchaca is attacked for not bowing down at Bush's feet in thankful praise for his nephew's death. B/c God knows, if you aren't deleriously clapping your hands and praising the Lord and King George Bush for putting your loved one in harm's way in this BushCo debacle and mammoth clusterfuck, then you deserve to be smeared. And of course... Limbaugh lies... and lies. I wish that bloated son of a Republican whore had overdosed on some that hillbilly heroin he was/is so fond of. Instead of smearing the grieving relative of the dead soldier, why aren't these War Fans and Couch Commandos asking these questions?: Why were 3 privates left ALONE on a security detail?? WTF kind of security detail is that in a known combat zone?? Add to this egregious loss this: 1 additional soldier was killed and 12 were injured while searching for the 2 MIA soldiers.
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