Friday, June 23, 2006

Earth is hottest it has been in 400 to 2000 yrs

Guess 'ol Al Gore appears pretty damn vindicated now, eh?: "A panel of top climate scientists told lawmakers that Earth is heating up, that the warmth is unprecedented for at least the last 400 yrs, but that it may be 2000 yrs and possibly much longer since Earth has run such a fever, and that "human activities are responsible for much of the recent warming." Whatever will the GOPers say? 1st they said global warming wasn't happening. Then they said it was happening, but it wasn't humans causing it. Then they said humans might be causing it, but it wasn't a big deal. Then they said it might be a big deal but there was nothing we could do about it. Then they said that global warming would be great because we could grow crops in regions where they never grew before. What's next? They will offer to put duct tape over Coulter, Hannity, Limbaugh, Malkin & O'Reilly's mouths since they expel such massive quantities of HOT, NOXIOUS gas?
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