Friday, June 23, 2006

Novak (in a Glass House) Swift-Boats Murtha

Bob Novak (yes, the CIA Plame leaker, CNN cursing, and general GOP douchebag ) has this to say about Rep Murtha: "Jack Murtha proves there are 2nd acts in American politics. I had forgotten that federal prosecutors designated him an unindicted co-conspirator in the Abscam investigation 26 yrs ago." Oh, so that is how Novak wants to play things. Forget that this "revelation" is well known. C'mon... Wikipedia has it. Did Novak "scoop" their "scoop"? But I guess this means that any and all past unindicted transgressions & sins of GOPers are fair game, huh? When will Novak dig up dirt on Iran-Contra? What about those Iran-Contra criminals who served BushI & Bush II? The US trained assassins at the School of the Americas? The Cntrl American death squads paid for by Reagan? What about the boy-sex ring that took place in the Reagan/Bush I White House? Need I go on? And if this is how the Repukes want to play, then by all means, Rove's unindicted co-conspirator status should be mentioned in every sentence his name appears.
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