Friday, June 23, 2006

Lou Dobbs: Covers NAFTA Superhighway Again

Well, it looks like Lou has decided that this topic is in fact very important and worthy of attention (via CNN:) DOBBS: "The Bush WH, supported by corporate America and special interests, is building a superhighway dividing this country, a superhighway that will run between Mexico and Canada. Bill Tucker is reporting: "The NAFTA Superhighway trade route begins at Mexico's ports on the W Coast and runs all the way up to Kansas City, w/ facilities there known as the K.C. SmartPort. The combo of reduced inspections at the borders and surging Chinese goods coming thru Mexican ports are raising concerns about security. And while proponents tout the benefit of capitalizing on the trade flow, critics see a darker reality. It reduces economic growth & drives our need for imports. Which means that the once proud Amer economy is now relying on the output of other countries for goods that were once made in America. DOBBS: It also means that the ports of the US, particularly along the W Coast, will be augmented by those Mexican ports. And those goods will be shipped in Mexican trucks, driven by Mexican drivers, through the heart of the US. What are the odds this is going to be stopped? TUCKER: None. DOBBS: Well, let's change the odds. It's America." America indeed. I hope Lou keeps beating this drum daily. Again: Thanks Earl. By blogging the truth and asking the media to look into it, you and I can keep spreading facts and important info.
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