Monday, January 16, 2006

John Murtha on 60 Mins & the "Slaughter Plan"

Despite the wingnut smear tactics against Congressman Murtha that are clearly taken from the United Chickenhawks of America's playbook (just as they did w/John Kerry, they now claim Murtha didn't earn and/or deserve his military medals) please check out what Murtha had to say at CBSNews: Murtha says in his interview to 60 Mins that mounting pressure from constituents in this election yr will force Congress to pass his withdrawal plan, or something similar to bring troops home. And how does he think he will get that plan through the Congress and impose a withdrawal plan on Bush? "I think the political people who give him advice will say to him, 'You don’t want a Democratic congress. You want to keep the GOP majority. And the only way you’re gonna keep it, is by reducing substantially the troops in Iraq,'” Murtha explains. "That December election in Iraq of course is being trumpeted as being so important to democracy. When I came back from Vietnam in 1967, they had an election. It was supposed to set the stage. It was supposed to legitimize the govt, if you remember. And we lost 38,000 people after that. Now, I don’t say that this has the same intensity and that we’re gonna lose 38,000 people. But I’m just saying there’s a lot more things have to be done if you’re going to have a democratic govt," says Murtha. Please read the entire interview... Murtha is right, Murtha echoes exactly what my Marine friend who just got back from Iraq says, and Murtha knows that we are not going to "win" in Iraq b/c there has never been any actual plans laid out for victory (well, there is this plan to slaughter) and we have committed far too many mistakes to even achieve any semblance of victory now. This is what he says the troops tell him about the Iraqis we have spilled our blood to "liberate": "'In the daytime, they wave at us. At nighttime, they throw hand grenades." I guess the welcome mat has worn thin, eh?... and now 89 yr old Walter Cronkite sees that we are well past our time to exit out of Iraq and speaks up about it.
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