Saturday, January 14, 2006

Jose Padilla's Written Application to Join al Qaeda

Pix courtesy of SharonJumper. Oh, this is CONVENIENT.
This can't be for real. Seriously.... one has to fill out an application in order to join al Qaeda?? Yet, this Miami Herald article claims this: "After the US military invaded Afghanistan to oust its Taliban rulers, authorities found a locker full of applications to join al Qaeda's holy war overseas." What kind of skills are they looking for to enhance al Qaeda? Do you have to be a "people person"... willing to blow up other people? Sharp dresser... in black ski masks and AK-47s? Be willing to relocate... to the realm of the dead? I'm dead serious here... an APPLICATION to join al Qaeda? Do they check references? Where are the interviews held? How does one dress for the interview? Will you be able to take a paid lunch and vacation? Is there a 401K option or does the chance to live out your days blissfully with 72 virgins make up for that?
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