Friday, January 13, 2006

Documentary:Blair Learned War Started via TV

A new British documentary claims that Tony Blair was surprised when an aide called him on March 20, 2003, to tell him the US led invasion of Iraq had already started and he could watch it live on TV. Sheesh... I knew he was Bush's bitch-monkey, but talk about being treated like a child and being kept out of the loop. "Why We Went to War", shown on More4, a sister channel of the UK's Channel Four, claims that "every scene" in it is based on a combo of 1st-hand sources, official documents, and off-the-record briefings with participants at the "highest level." The 90-mins documentary is the most detailed reconstruction of behind-the-scenes developments starting from the Sept 11 attacks and right up to the time when the 1st US bombs landed in Baghdad.
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