Thursday, January 12, 2006

Israel Tells Pat Robertson No Theme Park Here

Satan's little helper gets the big Jewish bitchslap.
AP: Under a tentative agreement, Pat Robertson's group was to put up the funding for an evangelical theme park, while Israel would provide land and infrastructure. Predictions were that it would draw up to 1 million pilgrims a yr, generate $1.5 billion in spending and support about 40,000 jobs. But since Pat decided to throw around the fire and brimestone at Ariel Sharon, Israel has decided to bitchslap Pat... HARD: Tourism Minister Abraham Hirchson said he gave instructions to "stop all contact" w/ groups associated with Robertson. But Hirchson said the order did not apply to "all the evangelical community, God forbid." Whatever will poor Pat do? Oh, I'm sure he'll just console himself w/a good old fashioned stoning.
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