Saturday, January 14, 2006

Alito: Bush can Violate Constitution

Un-fucking-believable: Alito, pressed on Bush's controversial domestic spying policy, told the Senate Judiciary Committee that a prez has the constitutional authority on "very rare" occasions to violate fedrl law. "The president, like everybody else, is bound by statutes that are enacted by Congress," Alito said. But he said a president could violate a statute "if statutes are unconstitutional because the Constitution takes precedence over a statute." So this would apply to Clinton when he lied about a consensual AND LEGAL extramarital affair, correct? B/c let's face it, Clinton denied having actual sexual intercourse w/Monica (which in fact he did not, but he did have oral sex w/her) and then like any other married person caught cheating, denied doing it to protect his marriage, his child, and his ass. Oh that's right... this law breaking of fedrl laws only applies to Bush when he lies and cooks intelligence to launch an illegal war & spies on US citizens w/out warrants.
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