Friday, January 13, 2006

Some Hard Truths about Alito, CAP, & Roe

So, the corporate media whores are claiming that Alito will blissfully breeze thru his confirmation and be our next SCOTUS Justice. If so, then I refuse to give 1 more red cent to the Dems. If ever there was a clear cut case for filibuster, Alito is it. Read this Nov '05 look at the CAP group Alito belonged to (yet claims to forget) by a 1981 Princeton alumni: "CAP was dedicated to finding outrages that it took to be caused by the horrible fact that women and minorities were being admitted to Princeton. The need to find outrages generally came 1st; any encounter w/facts came later. For this reason, CAP tended to attract not conservatives per se, but the sort of conservative who is forever getting deeply hysterical about some perceived threat to a supposed previous golden age, who sees such threats everywhere, and who is willing to completely distort the truth in order to feed his (and it generally was 'his') obsessions." Alito will be replacing O'Connor-- a female, often moderate and vital swing vote on decisions. Here's the truth about Alito's completely un-moderate views when it comes to Roe & women: "20yrs ago, Alito believed that the Constitution doesn't protect abortion rights. He doesn't disavow that. He laid out a strategy on how to eat away at abortion w/o a frontal assault on Roe. It was a blueprint pro-lifers have followed, 1 regulation at a time. Later, as a judge he said the state could order a woman to notify her husband before she could get an abortion. O'Connor strongly disagreed. That moderate "model justice" Alito would replace also wrote this: "the ability of women to participate equally in the economic and social life of the nation has been facilitated by their ability to control their reproductive lives." Does Alito agree?" How the hell would we know? We have his previous writings to glean, but the focus was on his wife's staged tears (while all of Iraq cries & America will soon be weeping, too) as Alito gave the vaguest of answers, was coached by GOPers, and probably outright lied about the Vanguard case and CAP. And that, unbelievably is somehow reason enough for our Dems and moderate GOPers to confirm him... females be damned, as our nation is plunged over the cliff w/BushCo's Alito behind the wheel.
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