Monday, January 16, 2006

Pakistani Bombing: More Muslims Hate Us

Oh yeh, we are soooo winning the hearts and minds of the Muslim world... not to mention putting Pakistan's Pres Musharraf in an even more dangerous position: NYTimes: "Pakistan's govt on condemned a deadly US airstrike on a village in the NW tribal region, and a sr Pakistani security official said he was confident that Ayman al-Zawahiri, the # 2 leader of al Qaeda and the target of the strike, had not been in the village when it was hit. 18 civilians had been killed in the attack, including 6 children. But the sr Pakistani official who spoke of Zawahiri suggested that the death toll was higher, and he said that at least 11 militants had been killed in the attack. 7 of the dead were Arab fighters, and another 4 were Pakistani militants. 1000s of tribesmen, led by a local parliamentarian, protested the killings, chanting anti-US and anti-govt slogans." Good to see we just keep on handing al Qaeda 1000s of new recruits, eh?
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