Sunday, August 13, 2006

UK/ US disagree over the timing of arrests, US threatened rendition of suspect

As more is uncovered about the UK shampoo bombers (and this Buzzflash analysis is perfecto in so very many ways), one thing is crystal clear: BushCo tried and are currently trying to twist this to their political advantage... even going as so far as trying to convince the Brits to arrest the suspects even sooner (via MSNBC): In contrast to previous reports, an attack was not imminent, in fact, the suspects had not yet purchased any airline tickets. Some of the suspects did not even have passports. Yet, a senior British official knowledgeable about the case said Brit police were planning to continue to run surveillance for at least another wk to try to obtain more evidence, but US officials pressured them to arrest the suspects sooner. (Hmm, just in time to help out Loserman before the Tues primary?) The sr Brit official source did say, however, that police believe one of the suspects was ready to conduct a "dry run." Brit authorities had wanted to let him go forward with part of the plan, but the Americans balked. At the WH, a top aide to Bush denied the account. BushCo denies it? That. is. so. shocking. But never fear, just as the US did in the outing of Pakistan's double agent Khan in 2004, if Bush wants it, he threatens and gets it... even if means fucking up a lengthy undercover surveillance project and ultimately screwing up any hope of the suspect being successfully prosecuted in a crt of law: Another US official, however, acknowledges there was disagreement over timing. "The Brit official said the Americans also argued over the timing of the arrest of suspected ringleader Rashid Rauf in Pakistan, warning that if he was not taken into custody immediately, the US would "render" him or pressure the Pakistani govt to arrest him. Brit security was concerned that Rauf be taken into custody "in circumstances where there was due process," according to the official, so that he could be tried in Brit crts. Ultimately, this official says, Rauf was arrested over the objections of the Brits."In fact, according to the Independent UK: The police were rushed into making the arrests after one of the alleged ringleaders - a British citizen, Rashid Rauf - was arrested in Pakistan on Weds, August 9th, US intelligence sources have disclosed. Oh who cares if BushCo fucked up yet another undercover gig for the UK in their honest attempt to stop terrorism? As long as Capt Chimpy McClusterfuck and his inept cabal can strut around like thye actually did something, that is all that matters. Besides, Bush has to somehow get the timing of these arrests to coincide w/ current opposition to the new US/UK extradition treaty that is scheduled for a vote in the Senate Foreign Relations Comm on Sept 7, 2006. I have to wonder if the Bush/Blair phone conversation about the arrests went a lil something like this?
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