Friday, August 11, 2006

The UK "shampoo bombers" & Fear: the wind beneath BushCo's wings

The UK foiled a terror plot involving homegrown Brit terrorists and liquid bombs on planes to the US. Didja catch that? Homegrown Brit terrorists, and this is KEY: "It was the work of law enforcement that stopped it. Law enforcement. Not a military invasion of Pakistan, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, or Iraq. Old-fashioned surveillance, development of human sources, putting pieces together, and cooperation with foreign police and intelligence services." Guess that whole "we gotta bomb em into oblivion over there before they come here" crap is in fact, absolute 100% crapola. And yet, in some inexplicable twist, the mouth breathers claim (read the comments in this ABC article) that this is a victory for BushCo personally. Uh, how exactly? Tony SnowJob admitted that Bush was told about this plot on Sunday and that he raised the red alert code on Weds, one full day before the UK was arresting these foiled bombers. Unless of course, Bush personally gave his lil love nugget Blair some helpful "nab those terrorists this way" pillow talk during the G8 Summit, but I digress. Read Billmon's take on this UK plot. Billmon says exactly what I thought as I watched Bush's spew about this: "Many of us have grown accustomed enough to the pointless politicization of color alerts to be instantly skeptical. But the idea that al Qaida had a "big one" in the works (in the middle of Israel's war on Lebanon) certainly isn't inherently implausible." Especially in light of these recent poll results: 13% of Brit Muslims think last yr's London bombers are religious martyrs, 16% think their ends were justified even if their means weren't. That's almost 30% -- of a population of 1.6 million. The poll was taken right before Israel started destroying all of Lebanon to get Hezbollah. One wonders what a month's worth of carnage footage of slaughtered Lebanese civilians has done to those results. Billmon also raises this very important pt: "I'm also dubious about the claim that the plotters were following (almost to the letter an 11 yr old plan developed by al Qaida mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed) to blow up a dozen or so US airliners over the Pacific. Following the script for a previously exposed and foiled operation doesn't exactly seem like a global terrorism best practice. Are we dealing w/ professionals or amateurs here? Or is it a little bit of both, plus a healthy dose of hype from a couple of guys (Bush and Blair) who right now can use all the hype (and raw, adrenalized fear) they can get?" And yet we are supposed to gobble down these tales of yet another BushCo victory against terrorists (just after Joe-Judas loses and Cheney calls Lamont's victory a victory for al-Qaida) while Bush spins another yarn about those terrorists hatin us b/c of our freedoms. That is profound. Profoudly stupid, that is. Notice it just never, ever has to do w/our own history, behavior or desired actions towards them (as evidenced by these comments) or the way we advocate simply wiping everyday Arabs and Muslims off the face of earth WHILE our leaders walk among the TX bluebells hand in hand w/the oil rich Arab, Muslim Saudis? I guess when we need something from somebody, we make exceptions to the rules. And I really don't understand why the extremists on either side even bother to act like they hate one another. I agree w/Alternet: al Qaida loves & needs the Repukes, and vice versa, b/c they are merely 2 hateful, intolerant, and ugly faces on the same despicable coin... see here.
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