Monday, August 14, 2006

Lamont's Views: He's w/Majority of Americans

At least former Homeland Security director Tom Ridge had sense to blast The Big Dick Cheney for calling Lamont "the al Qaida candidate", but ya have to wonder why isn't CNN's Chuck Roberts blasted for calling Lamont that, too? While I'm sure Fox's noxious Chris Wallace thought he'd make lunchmeat outta Lamont, but it just didn't happen, despite Wallace bringing up the "al Qaida comment". Lamont held his own and answered Wallace's questions articulately, b/c he sums up exactly what this war in Iraq has done to compromise our security. Read the transcript here or watch the YouTube of the interview. Lamont faced the same old wingnut talking pts on Face the Nation, but he held his own there, too. And I want to know why aren't most Americans pissed off that Lamont is called a candidate that is "fringe" and is someone that al Qaida loves, given that 60% of us oppose this war now?
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