Sunday, August 13, 2006

Airlines: One man's trash is another's treasure and will be sold... even Aunt Martha's strap-on

Now in actuality, this pix was taken in downtown NYC, courtesy of the hilarious Timmy Ray, but you'll get the drift quick enough (via MSNBC): "The state of PA is gathering up things travelers have had to give up at airport security checkpts, and then turns a profit by disposing of these castoff items, which it accepts from security contractors at 12 airports in 5 states, by selling them to the highest bidders at online auction site eBay. Two and 1/2 tons of the of miscellany arrives every month, and of that, 98% of it will sell, all to the tune of more than $307,000 since it began in June 2004. (Hmm... ya gotta wonder how much profit is now gonna being made off of all of the dumped makeup, perfume, lotions, and shampoos, huh?) Most of the contraband merchandise is knives, nail clippers and cuticle scissors that were forbidden as carry-on items following the terror attacks of 9/11, but other confiscated items held at the govt warehouse include: piles of Swiss Army knives, chain saws, blenders, hockey sticks, fake grenades, sausage grinders, machetes, Wiffle Ball bats, frosting-encrusted wedding cake servers, fur-lined handcuffs, and a variety of sex toys. Sex toys? Sweet Jesus. The day that I buy a used dildo on e-Bay is the day that I consider having female circumcision performed on a lunch break just for shits and giggles, m'kay?
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