Monday, August 14, 2006

Dobson forgives Mel & the Religious Fright are Israel's best buddies and pals

Well, well... Religious Frighter James Dobson (of Focus on the Family) has announced that HE forgives mel Gibson for his anti-Semitic statements. Really Dobson? Are you Jewish? Then big f-ing deal and why in the hell should we care? Oh that's right.... Pat Robertson made it abundantly clear when he had his lengthy meeting w/Israeli PM Olmert this past wk: "I think the people of Israel understand where their friends are, and their friends are evangelical Christians, as Israel does her part in this struggle against Islamo-fascists."...Hey now Pat, people in glass houses shouldn't toss stones... and given that you Christo-fascists will gleefully throw the Jews under the bus once your beloved Rapture happens, I guess that makes your brand of fascism A-okay, huh?
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