Monday, August 14, 2006

Keep repeating the lies & the GOP will believe it

This weekend, I saw every Repuke sycophant on tv spinning and spewing that the war in Iraq and the foiled UK plot are proof that BushCo has made America safe. I guess they figure if they repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it. Joseph Goebbels coined the phrase, and sadly, Repukes usually do gobble down BushCo's lies, hook, line, and sinker. But I have to say: Are they fucking blind? Our situation in the Middle East is abyssmal at best: 1) In Iraq: On Sunday, in Baghdad, at least 62 people were killed/ 140+ were injured due to car bombs and rocket blasts, Iraqi police in the city of Fallujah have simply left due to threats on their lives, and US troops had to perform a night raid at the Iraqi health minister's office, and arrest his guards. The minister and his guards are aligned to a major Shiite militia-the Mahdi Army- (which is modeled along Lebanon's Hezbollah guerrillas) and has been killing Sunnis w/their Shiia death squads... but remember: it still is not civil war folks. 2) A cease fire has finally been brokered between Hezbollah/ Israel, but not before Beirut was heavily hit again, 100s of innocents were killed and former Hezbollah haters now embrace them and turn their hatred towards Israel and the US for destroying all of Lebanon. And in the middle of all of this, we have Bush stupidly squawking about Islamo-fascists, & somehow, in his retarded mind-- linking together Hezbollah w/the UK shampoo bombers, and spewing out that old and tired lie that only he has made America safer due to his illegal wiretapping (despite the fact that it was legal surveillance, not illegal eavesdropping, that stopped the UK terrorist attacks), his wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and by helping Israel level Lebanon. But the facts are this: Since 9/11, the foiled UK plot and the wars in Iraq & the very forgotten Afghanistan have accomplished next to nothing, unless of course you consider these things accomplishments: 1) We've unleashed extremists that were previously unable to act (rather they be the newly re-energized Taliban back in Afghani soil, or the Shiias/Sunnis in Iraq or al Qaida which is seemingly everywhere), 2) We've spent over $300 billion on these wars, 3) We've killed/injured 1000s upon 1000s of civilians and soldiers, 4) We've made Middle Easterners/ Muslims view us as the aggressor who deserves to have extremist actions unleashed on them as retaliation, 5) We have not made the US one bit safer b/c our ports, airports, and borders are as porous as ever, and we do not have the competence or the money to spend on beefing up security programs b/c our nation is being bled out in Iraq & thru wealthy tax cuts. But again... If you repeat a lie often enough, Repukes will believe it.
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