Sunday, July 09, 2006

Lieberman's Crew: Scolding Jews for Lamont

Who knew that ya had to support the candidate that shares your religion? I so rarely do (although I did vote for fellow Catholic John Kerry in 04, but the Church informed me how my soul might just fare for committing such an act... feh... big deal... if they aren't going to Hell for covering up and committing child rape for decades, I honestly don't think Jesus will view my vote for Kerry as a 1 way ticket to the Hell Express) And to think, I honestly believed that separation of church and state was for real... what a silly girl I am (via LamontBlog): "Lieberman's right-hand man John Droney - who previously called all Lamont supporters "terrorizing left-wing weirdos" - has to say something even more offensive: "I find the behavior of a large segment of the Jewish community to be reprehensible and outrageous," said John Droney, who is advising Joe to run as an independent. "When he's in trouble like this, they all ought to rally to him. It's too bad that you have to listen to an Irish-Amer to realize that you've got to support your own home cooking." Hmm... if it is true that Dem Jewish voters are supporting Ned Lamont over Joe-Judas 50% to 41%, according to an internal Dem poll of Conn. Jews, then maybe that would be due to the fact that these Jewish voters actually believe what their religion teaches when it comes to peace, not warmongering? Or maybe Joe-Judas really sealed his fate with that kiss.
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