Friday, July 07, 2006

Calderon wins... that is SO not SHOCKING

Calderon's "win" can only mean 2 things to America: The continuation of more masses of exploited illegal slave labor to the US, and the continued purchase of Mexican oil, perhaps w/ a bit of help from privatization via private contractors (and BushCo just may know a few of those). So, I told ya'll on Sunday that Greg Palast predicted massive voter fraud a la FL in 2000 and OH in 2004 for the Mexican prez election, and it appears to be true: 1.) Greg Palast's post election article "Grand Theft Mexico." 2.) Rawstory's "Election ballots found in dump." 3.) The Herald Mexico's "Stability Threatened by Irregularities." 4.) The Herald's Mexico's "Illegal Voter Roll Usage." 5.) The NYTs even admits some serious shady election goings-on. The main issue of this election? Statistical anomolies: In Mexico, a non-vote is recorded as a "null." Therefore, if you vote for Senate and for Congress and NOT for Pres, you should have a 1 (Senate+Party) and a 1 (Congress+Party) and a 1 (President+NULL). The counts always should match, because every action and non-action is counted. Okay. The problem is that the counts do NOT match... in LOTS of places. As mentioned in the NYTimes article above, the initial counts at the ballot box level were often WRONG! Wrong to the point of doubling the vote for Calderon and reducing votes for AMLO. Every last vote should be publicly counted and a transparent accounting of all the numbers be accumulated again. W/o this, we can assume that the election was stolen.
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