Thursday, July 06, 2006

Wingnuts: Walking down Nazi-Road w/Wistful Nostalgia in 2006

Who knew that Wingnut-Naziesque campaigns against Jewish families could work so well in 2006? But, I guess we shouldn't be at all shocked given that folks like this guy, who goes by the moniker "Proud Christian" wrote (and wrote rather poorly, I might add) in response to a Letter to the Editor in a MO paper that liberals should be rounded up, made to wear a yellow star w/a giant "L", and be gathered up into "Work makes you free camps". Yeah... I am for real about this freak, folks: "I think it is only right that we make all liberals where [sic] a yellow star on their lapel with a giant L marked on them. They are all drug-users, homosexuals and deviants. Their property should be confiscated, and they should gathered [sic] up into "Work makes you free" camps where they can learn honest God-fearing labor. After all, the Bible teaches us to hate those who oppose us. Any good God-Fearing Christian should take up arms against those athest [sic] hook-nosed liberals before it is too late. Jesus would be proud of us for ridding our temple of the unrighteous and unclean....Can we do no less?" Sweet Baby Jesus sucking on a binky!!... WTF?? It is partly b/c of wingnut freaks like this that I am a proud gun owner. Wise up fellow libs: Arm yourselves and arm yourselves well b/c these Goddamned frenzied theocrats mean business.
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