Friday, June 30, 2006

House Passes Newspaper Resolution

When it comes to rights, Sen Conrad Burns (R-MT) says (via YouTube): "The Liberal mind, says: 'You know, we don't want to take away anyone's rights.' Well I'll tell you what - these people are trying to kill us - and I want to take away their rights. Period. I want to take 'em all out." Yikes! While this latest entire conservative foaming at the mouth outrage at the NY Times' BushCo/banking spying story rages (an outrage orchestrated by the WH), the House has been busying itself w/ passing a resolution condemning newspapers. Jeeze... ya know, things were so much easier for Mussolini: He was a member of the newspaper staff of Avanti! ("forward" in Italian) which was dubbed the "Central Organ of the Socialist Party" and his brother Arnaldo became the editor of Il Popolo d'Italia, the official newspaper of Mussolini's Fascist Party.
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