Wednesday, June 28, 2006

GWBush: The Dry Drunk Presidency

ThePrinciples: Many will consider it a cheap insult to call the pres an alcoholic. But recovering alcoholics, w/ steady doses of humility and rigorous honesty, can become extraordinary human beings. It is no insult to be an alcoholic. However, an alcoholic who simply controls his drinking, w/o taking the time to examine the many defects of character that fueled his destructive behavior, only grows more dangerous. There is a term for this unhappy creature -dry drunk. Bush's problems are not only personal. By necessity, they have become the problems of our entire country. And our country is like the family of an alcoholic, devastated by the drinker's actions but powerless to stop them. Having observed the prez's behavior in office, I wonder if perhaps not only the pres, but also his administration, suffers from alcoholism. After all, arrogance & the inability to take responsibility for one's actions (classic alcoholic traits) have become trademarks of the Bush presidency." Could explain many unbelievable arrogances, no?
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