Monday, June 26, 2006

Would you like ice with that?

First we find out that due to BushCo's reversal of Clinton era protections to keep deadly mercury out of our oceans, lakes, rivers, etc that now women who are of childbearing age (ya know... all of us "pre-pregnant" females) should avoid eating fish at all b/c the mercury levels are off the charts. Now we have this next BushCo environmental jawdropper: "Factory farms could decide if they need a fedrl permit to discharge animal waste into lakes, rivers and streams under a proposal issued Thurs by the EPA. The agency said the proposed rule "furthers the statutory goal of restoring and maintaining the nation's water quality," but critics contend it lets some of the nation's largest polluters off the hook... Some of the largest facilities have capacities that exceed one million animals and EPA estimates the nation's CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations) produce some 500 million tons of animal waste annually. CAFOs store waste in massive open-air lagoons or dispose of it on land, where spills and runoff can contaminate drinking water supplies, kill fish and spread serious life threataning diseases. The revised proposal allows CAFO operators to define what constitutes pollution discharge and to decide if they should apply for a Clean Water permit." Boy that sure is reassuring huh? THEY get to decide if they need to apply for a Clean Water permit. So how appealing is this phrase gonna sound at restaurants & lemonade stands?: "Would you like ice w/that glass of poop?"
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