Saturday, June 24, 2006

Santorum:Why isn't your stupidity classified?

So, since when does Ricky Santorum gets to wave around CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS at a Fox News' camera while being interviewed? (but oh yeeeah... Cheney says it is the NYTs who is "aiding the enemy" by going foward w/the news that BushCo has been warantlessly perusing the financial records of 1000s of Americans and businesses??). Oh... silly me... Ricky gets to do that when BushCo suddenly decides to "newly declassify those documents" in the middle of a political dog and pony show (AND while Iraqis are forced to call a state of emergency in Baghdad b/c everything's coming up roses over there). Take a gander at this flash video that stomps Santorum's WMD fantasy. And listen to this ex-Marine bitchslap that GOP-whore /criminal Col Ollie North as he tries to WMD-pimp for Pious Ricky.
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