Monday, June 26, 2006

Hype and Fear Whoring = War on Terror

GuardianUK: So, it appears that an IT expert provided evidence to and tried to warn police about those homegrown London bombers, but he and his evidence were completely ignored. Makes ya wonder who wanted the bombings to happen so the propaganda could be cranked out, eh? At least some people get how ridiculous this BushCo dog an pony show is: "The alarming news flashed across America's TVs: govt agents had thwarted an al-Qaeda plot by home-grown Amer terrorists, who wanted to blow up the Sears Tower. When the dust had settled barely 24 hrs later, a rather more modest version of events had emerged. The 7 men arrested had never been in touch w/ al-Qaeda, and had no explosives. Their "plan" to destroy America's tallest building was little more than wishful thinking, expressed by one of them to an FBI informant purporting to be a member of bin Laden's terrorist organization. Even the FBI admitted as much. But that didn't deter Att Gen Gonzales from summoning a press conference where he denounced an attempt to "wage war against America". But the threat, even he admitted, was not immediate - and those who posed it were in fact merely a few semi-unemployed men, most of them petty criminals, from a poor black neighborhood of Miami." B/c God knows, when there is an opportunity to hype and whore fear out to the masses, Abu Ghraib Gonzales is the man to call upon. We gotta herald BushCo's "triumphs" in the war on 'terra, no matter how trumped they are, ya know.
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