Friday, June 30, 2006

Give to Charity... Go to Hell

Now I think this guy certainly qualifies for a nice spot in Hades.... but who knew?: "The merger of Gates & Buffett may spell doom for the families of the developing world," said the Rev Thomas Euteneuer, a Catholic priest who is president of Human Life Internatl. Referring to Josef Mengele, the infamous Nazi death camp doctor, Euteneuer said Buffett "will be known as the Dr. Mengele of philanthropy unless he repents." Yeah, and refusing to let Africans use condoms so that they may prevent acquiring AIDS (24.5 million are infected in Africa, 19 million have died) would put the Church on the same footing of someone in between Mao ze Dong (who killed 49 million via the "great leap forward" and "cultural revolution") and Jozef Stalin (who killed 13 million via "the purges"). Hmm, seems to me that God is going to damn every last one of these vapid, wingnut, theocratic morons to hell, huh?... and I'm Catholic.
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