Thursday, June 29, 2006

GOP Frenzy: Attack & Blame the Media

ATTENTION CRAZED VILLAGERS: Get your torches and misplaced frenzy ready! Your GOP needs you to attack and blame that MYTHICAL liberal media again. Read Keith O's Countdown transcript here or watch this clip of Keith, as he succinctly sums up the bogus and insane frenzy here (via Crroks & Liars): Keith takes on the SWIFT banking spy program and all that attack the NY Times. What's the problem w/the GOP attack? The SWIFT program was not such a secret after all. Count all the times Bush told the world that he was chasing down the terrorists' money. Looks to me, Keith and Roger Cressey, former Natl Security Council official and now MSNBC terrorism expert, like there has been no damage done by the NY Times. Especially since there is a magazine called Dialogue, which is devoted to the SWIFT program, as well as the SWIFT website-- www. which explicity says the purpose of the program was to globally track down money that may be used for illegal purposes. Well, that would be all of the money that is not being transferred and laundered by the much preferred and utilized Hawala method. And keep in mind: The SWIFT website and magazine I just linked to are NOT password protected. Go ahead... check it out yourself. This GOP drama queen/ trumped up outrage is just YET another con game for this administration, yet they will do anything to rally their base. And today, at the House of Reps, a 7 page document that has been whipped up by the crazed Repuke villagers to officially blame the media will be whored/ debated to decide if certain members of the press should have their press passes, credentials, and privileges revoked. Combine that w/ the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen Arlen Specter, being compelled to hold hearings on whether Pres Bush has exceeded his constitutional powers (uhh, Earth to Arlen... the answer is a resounding YES but I'm sure you'll cave in) and we are well on our way to that long-dreamed of BushCo dictatorship. Aaaahhh... dontcha just love the smell of fascism in the morning?
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