Saturday, July 01, 2006

Uh-oh:Oprah's talkin 'bout Global Warming

To all delusional science hating retards: Your Global Warming denial goose is cooked. Oprah is now telling America's mommies that global warming is real (w/ the help of Leonardo DiCaprio) and she is directing mommies to switch 5 of their household lightbulbs to the $10 compact flourescent kind, and to choose hybrids when car shopping. I can't wait til those Oprah mommies turn on this guy and his moronic lies: John Stossel. This is a vomitous sample of what he said to Joe Scarborough about global warming: 1) "The serious scientists scoff at global warming is causing more hurricanes." Oh, so the un-serious scientists must be the ones who are stupid to believe in global warming, huh? 2) "Is man doing it? Is it a crisis? Would Kyoto do any good? No." So all other nations sign Kyoto b/c they're wild about signatures? 3) "We just like to be scared. It's why we go to horror movies and now believe Al Gore and global warming." I love scary movies, but I won't be enjoying them when we're all underwater. 4) "This is the usual smear. Anybody who disagrees and is bought off by the oil and coal industry." Well... they ARE. 5) "The Natl Academy of Sciences report said we can't rule out that this is just natural. I wish people would look it up and read the whole thing instead of the summaries of the liberal media." Uhh, no dumbass w/your liberal media mythical bullshit, they said conclusively that it was man-made. 6) "Internatl cooperation on the world‘s carbon dioxide emissions sounds like socialism to me." OMFG... taken a history class lately Stossel? THAT ain't socialism. 7) "Let me just say that this, at bottom is a hatred of capitalism and a hatred of industrial production. Yes, it‘s true, we produce more carbon dioxide, but we are also the cleanest country in the world." So b/c I want the planet to sustain all forms of life, I hate capitalism? I consume lots of stuff, capitalism is my dear friend. And, well, we make up only 5% of the world's population, yet we make up 25% of the world's carbon dioxide emissions. 8) "As we get wealthier, the air gets cleaner and we can afford to do things that maybe some day if the globe is warming we have to make adjustments, it‘s our wealth that will allow us to save the world. If we let these socialists control our lives, we will be worse off." Maybe one of those pissed off Oprah mommies will really show Stossel how bad off things could get when they painfully introduce him to one of those compact flourescent lightbulbs?... just like this guy.
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