Saturday, July 01, 2006

Cover up in Iraq? This time it is rape & murder

Sweet Mother of Mercy... (via CNN): "The US Army has ordered an investigation into the deaths of an Iraqi family of 4 at their home in Mahmoudiya, a town S of Baghdad. The investigation concerns allegations that at least 2 US soldiers were involved in the rape of a woman and that 1 of them killed her, a child and 2 other adults, a US military statement said." Now CBS says 5 soldiers are involved and that the raped woman's body was burned in an attempt to coverup what transpired. " WTF is going on? Raping & burning women? Killing her family?: "The allegations came to light on June 23, when a soldier undergoing a stress debriefing said he heard that other soldiers might have been involved in a rape and murder in March." OK, get this... this is way freaky: "That soldier is from the same unit as the 3 soldiers involved in the checkpoint attack June 16 near Yusifiya. In that incident, Spc Babineau was killed, and 2 others --Pfc Menchaca and Pfc Tucker-- were abducted and later found dead." Strange coincidence, no? Perhaps the reason the 3 troops were targeted & murdered was b/c revenge was wanted for the rape and murder of the family of 4? "Soldiers in the unit were given stress counseling after the 3 deaths. The military said it interviewed a 2nd soldier, who gave a report similar to the 1st. That soldier said he saw bloodstains on other soldiers' clothing and heard them conspire to commit such an act. Both soldiers said they didn't witness the alleged incident, but a preliminary inquiry conducted by MND Baghdad found sufficient info existed to recommend a criminal investigation into the incident." Now I know that in 2004, previous allegations have been allegedly debunked about "rape" photos such as these (for more info, go to this link: and pan down to May 04 under the post entitled "Do as We Say, Not as We Do". I have tried repeatedly to embed this link, it simply will not allow me to do so). The pix that surfaced in 2003 were supposedly staged, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that rape and murder happen in war... especially when you factor in this now outdated article that in 2004 over 200 US female soldiers have reported being raped by their fellow soldiers, this VA program in FL tracks 1000s of un & reported rapes of male and female soldiers, there are 550,000+ registered sex offenders in the US, millions more unregistered & convicted every day, and the rules of war are tossed aside by our leaders, despite a Supm Crt ruling deeming otherwise. Dear God, get us TF out of Iraq now. End the occupation NOW and send our troops home before they all become bloodthirsty freakish monsters of war that Dr FrankenBush can proudly claim he created.
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