Friday, July 07, 2006

FtSamHouston: Lights still off & can't cut grass

So a while ago, I told ya about Ft Sam Houston practically living in the dark (literally) b/c the Army cannot afford to pay the electric bill. Well, ths situation HAS NOT improved (via MSNBC): "A diversion of dollars to help fight the war in Iraq has helped create a $530 million shortfall for Army posts at home and abroad, leaving some unable to pay utility bills or even cut the grass. In San Antonio, Ft Sam Houston hasn’t been able to pay its $1.4 million monthly utility bill since March, prompting workers in many of the post’s administrative buildings to get automated disconnection notices. Fort Bragg in N Carolina can’t afford to buy pens, paper or other office supplies until the new fiscal year starts in October. And in Kentucky, Ft Knox had to close1 of its 8 dining halls for a month and lay off 133 contract workers." Good to see BushCo ONCE again keeps us safer and so effectively handles the military, no?
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