Friday, July 07, 2006

Bush: I'd rather be right than popular

The always succinct Prez... he just never lets us down w/his correctness, eh? Well, I guess if Bush would rather be right than be popular, than his only hope is to try to be popular b/c he is never right. In a typical lobbing softballs tradition, Larry King's interview w/Bush and Lithium Laura was a joke. Here's some of the "hardhitting" questions Larry meekly coughed out at the Prez: 1) What does it feel like to turn 60? Well Larry, since you are 193 yrs old, I can see how you've forgotten how it feels when you turn the big 60. 2) Did the missile tests in N Korea affect Laura's 4th of July? Who TF cares? Was she even conscious to notice? I care if this ruins CA's or Hawaii's existence-- screw her holiday. 3) Does Laura lose sleep over what George has to go thru? Since she's rumored to not even live in the WH anymore, do ya think she really cares what he goes thru? 4) Do the Bushes ever think "why me?" Wow, being born into/married into the Bush clan must just be so taxing! And since they believe God handpicked W to be The Decider, that doesn't leave much room for pity-parties, now does it? 5) Wouldn't Bush rather be popular? Oh he's popular. Amongst Wingnuts, War Fans, Couch Commandos and hate groups. 6) Would Bush do Iraq all over again, in fact would you do it the same if you knew the WMDs weren't there? Well Larry, that might be really tough b/c it would require Bush to have NOT known that the WMDs claim was completely trumped up in the 1st place. 7) Larry did press Bush on the Lieberman independent thing...Bush wouldn't answer it, saying he'd leave that up to the Dems. I guess that must mean that Joe-Judas is a really bad kisser, has rancid breath or else slips some really creepy tongue.
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