Monday, July 10, 2006

BabyGirl lounges in pool as I slave away

Okay... I know I really should be posting about things of great importance, but I am simply too damned tired to do so. Hubby had to work half a day today (Sunday) to make up for lost time taken on July 4th, and as soon as he pulled into the drive, he had massive yard work plans on the brain... which meant I ended up squeezing massive yard work plans into my peaceful day. So... after helping Hubby move 35 paving stones (which weighed 20lbs each) and then helping him carry and empty 15 five- gallon size buckets of gravel, I am ready for a scalding hot bubble bath, a handful of Aleve, and beddy-bye. But, here's a BabyGirl story: Sunday was Hubby's grandmother's 88th birthday. After killing me in the yard, Hubby calls Granny to wish her a happy birthday and to see if she enjoyed her bouquet of flowers. Now BabyGirl has this love for Austin Powers. She loves the music in all the Austin movies, and she frequently requests to watch the DVD extras so she can listen to the music. While Hubby is chit-chatting to Granny, BabyGirl is dancing around to the music extras on the Goldmember DVD. BabyGirl excitedly runs up to Hubby (who is still chatting to Granny) and she exclaims: "Daddy, she (pointing to Beyonce) has boobies just like Mommy, only Mommy's are much, much bigger!" Why yes... thank you BabyGirl, b/c THAT is exactly what I want to share w/ Daddy's 88 yr old grandmother.... sigh... I so need a vacation...
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