Thursday, June 08, 2006

Zarqawi Confirmed Dead.... Again

Since he was reportedly responsible for the Amman killings, Zarqawi had a hefty price on his head and was wanted by his fellow Jordanians. So, it is not shocking to hear he's dead... again. But there are 2 stories currently running: The 1st states that Zaqarwi was killed in a bombing raid by US Special Forces. The 2nd claims that he was killed by Iraqi forces. Who knows what the truth is anymore? The claim is that they know he was killed by facial recognition and by fingerprints. Hmm, I wonder how many legs the body has?... but I bet the Iraqis are happy to be rid of this guy, given that: "Zarqawi's recent audio messages have not only attacked the US and the Shia-dominated govt in Iraq, but also Iran." (Hmm, maybe this is what Crazy Mahmoud and W were really talking about when that pseudo olive branch/ US actually gives Iran nuke technology was extended?) "Zarqawi has become a loose cannon and his actions are handicapping Al Qaeda's efforts, so it seems reasonable to expect that an accident may befall him at some pt in the near future. If handled right it can be made to look like he went out in a blaze of glory fighting US troops or that he was murdered. Either way, al Qaeda gets rid of a problem and gains another "martyr." If the guy is actually dead again (for like the 2nd or 3rd time now? I know 1 of the 1st times he "died" was in 3/04), it's a good thing, but how will this change things on the ground for our troops? Very little. They will still be running targets for others. Zarqawi was the face of the insurgency, not the insurgrency itself, and this has no impact on the sectarian violence that is ripping Iraq apart now. That Zarqawi is no longer around to incite and coordinate terror is an excellent thing. However, more terrorists will step in to take his place. Call me a cynic, but our country is 16 deaths shy of the 2500 milestone, and then this magically appears outta thin air: and it is THE "perfect" way to bury the Haditha massacre in the mythical liberal media. I wonder if Osama will magically pop outta thin air just before the Nov elections? But I'm sure the wingnuts and War Fans will herald Zarqawi's 50th death as this: The insurgency is over! The insurgency is over! Now, at long last, we will be greeted with hugs, chocolates, fuzzy bunnies & flowers....... Err...... Oh, wait.....
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