Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Genesis II supports ALL Marriages

It is not just b/c I am liberal, and b/c I have 2 lifelong gay male friends (whom I love and cherish) that I support gay marriage. I support it b/c I love being married. I love being a wife to my husband and I love that we made this commitment to each other, so who am I to deny that basic human right to anyone else? Yes, I said it is a basic human right b/c it is. And I have 1 major source to back that up with: The Bible. Shocked? Ya shouldn't be. In Genesis 2, God creates a multitude of things and after every creation, God announces that it is good. With each animal that God creates, God brings the animal to Adam who gives it a name, but the text tells us "there was not found a helper corresponding to him" (Gen 2:20) So, God notices that Adam is very lonely. It is then that God announces that something is NOT good: And Jehovah God said: "It is not good that the man is lonely. I will make him a helper that is like him." (Gen 2:18) So, if God decided that mankind should not be alone & shouldn't suffer the agony of loneliness and should be paired in companionship, who are these Religious Fright freaks to deem otherwise? I believe marriage is special and lifelong. My parents met each other in high school, and they've been married now for 40 yrs. I want that w/my husband, too. This Oct we will be married 7 yrs, and I love being his wife and the mother of his child. As long as 2 consenting adults (yes, only 2 adult human beings, despite what Santorum says we libs want) decide to commit to one another, who the hell cares what sex the people are? Love is beyond gender, love is beyond politics, and love is certainly beyond bigotry, hatred, ignorance, and intolerance. All ya need is love... buh ba duh duh da...
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