Wednesday, March 15, 2006

UCC Leader Blasts the Religious Fright

The UCC is the church my Hubby was born and raised in... until his hardcore Repuke parents had a meltdown about the UCC daring to allow a mother and her openly gay adult son join their church AND choir! Horrors! They immediately stopped all association with that "scary liberal church" as my MIL referred to it, in search of a hardcore conservative church that suited them. That is when Hubby refused to attend church anymore, and pretty much washed his hands of Christianity. But it is good to see that the Protestant church that gave Hubby a good start is being lead by people like the Rev John H. Thomas. Read what he has to say and how he blasts the Religious Fright, the IRS, and their blatant hypocrisies, when he spoke at Gettysburg College. And here is more encouraging info about plenty of other religious leaders who are speaking up about the stranglehold the Talibornagains and GOP politicians have when it comes to "claiming Christianity". I haven't left the Catholic Church (...yet...) but I sure as hell feel like the Catholic Church has left me. If I were to convert, maybe the UCC could be the church that Hubby, BabyGirl, and I could all feel wanted, comfortable, and happy with.
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