Tuesday, March 14, 2006

David Dreier, Stop Smoking Crack

OK, I can't say for sure that oh-so-closeted hypocrite Rep David Dreier is actually smoking crack, but if Spike Lee can say that Condi Rice's insane behavior and statements are due to crack usage, then by all rights I can say that the insanity Dreier was spewing on Wolf Blathering Blitzer is due to hitting the pipe. Unbelievable spew such as this: "If you look at the policies that the Pres is pursuing, he should be enjoying broader support." AND "Bush is going to be focusing on the success that we're enjoying in Iraq (WTF? So civil war is now considered a success?) AND "I'm convinced that we represent the mainstream views of the people in our pursuit of limited govt, a strong natl defense, and making sure that we pursue personal freedom." (Really? Striking down gay marriage and making abortion illegal ELIMINATES personal freedoms) AND the money quote: "The fact is, as much as the Dems want to talk the economy down, we have continued good news, but we are not going to be satisfied until every American who wants a job has a job." And what jobs are there to be had, sir? I hope Bush waved hello to those jobs during his trip to India cause they sure as hell don't exist in the US anymore.
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