Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sec of Interior Gale Norton Resigns

Ya know... I just have to wonder, what crime did Gale commit to precipitate her sudden resignation? Hmm, perhaps the correct word is crimeS... and maybe this pix can give us a clue, eh? Despite fierce denials by BushCo, can ya say casino Indians & Abramoff? Not to even mention 1.) Abu Ghraib crimes, 2.) Destroying our natl treasures, 3.) Tossing millions of Native Americans over the cliff, 4.) Well hell, millions of non-Native Americans have been tossed over a cliff, too... but I digress, 5.) Saying yes to pollution, 6.) Saying no to the environment, and 7.) Chucking aside our wilderness areas on a whim... just to name a few.
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