Friday, March 10, 2006

Dubai backs out of Port Deal, but Which US Company will Get It? Halliburton?

NYTimes: "The state-owned Dubai company seeking to manage some terminal operations at 6 American ports dropped out of the deal on Thurs, bowing to an unrelenting bipartisan attack in Congress that swept aside Bush's efforts. The company, DP World, said that at the direction of Dubai's ruler it would "transfer" to a still-unnamed American company the leases to manage some of the busiest terminals in the US, including some in NYC, Newark, Baltimore and Miami. And how strange this part of the article is b/c it names Bush as a good friend to Dubai: "In Dubai, a sr political official with intimate knowledge of the deliberations, said: "A political decision was taken to ask DP World to try and defuse the situation. We have to help our friends. The official sought anonymity because he was not authorized to speak for the record. He was referring to Mr. Bush, who backed the initial deal, and several Republican senators who did as well." Hmm... It is good to see that Dubai Bush gets by w/a lil help from his friends. Now I'm no expert, but I'm willing to bet that when it comes to this "un-named American company", The Big Dick's beloved company Halliburton just may get a lil help from his friends, too.
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