Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bush to DHS: Faith Based Homeland Security

I suggest we all just stop paying taxes and see how they then can fund their wars and theocratic agendas. This is unfucking believable and I sure as hell can't see how this is Constitutional (via Jeffrey Feldman at Kos): "It seems that the Pres of the US has just ordered the Dept of Homeland Security to do everything in its power to help expand religious organizations in this country. This executive Order just now posted on the WH website, instructs the DHS to establish a 'Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives' and orders that center to 'strengthen' the 'capacity' of 'faith-based' organizations to serve the needs of the country. So, the Prez's 3-step plan to protect us from terrorist attacks and hurricanes appears to be this: (1) Watch hurricanes on TV, (2) Sell the ports to the UAE, and (3) Funnel money to mega-churches.Excellent... but what I want to know is this: 1.) How exactly is it legal to force our tax dollars to go towards ANY RELIGIOUS organization? AND 2.) Is this the reason why they cut funding to FEMA? Oh, silly me... they want to privatize everything and they needed FEMA money to fund the churches, and then the churches can be free to dictate who gets help and who doesn't. Single mothers, gay people, liberals, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, agnostics and atheists... you'll keep paying the tax money to support this, but you sure as hell will not recieve the benefits. Sounds Constitutional, no?
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